Research Reports

    Wise-Owl - Research Update 1 August 2019  
    Wise-Owl - Research Update 18 December 2018  
    Wise-Owl - Research Report 29 May 2018  
    Strachan Corporate - Research Report 18 May 2018  



Sun Resources NL Disclaimer

The information in these reports was prepared from publicly available information by the Authors.

The Research reports were commissioned by the Sun Resources NL that is the subject of these reports. The reports rely on the integrity of its author and draws upon publicly available information as well as interpretations based on the knowledge and experience of the Authors. It is published to provide both investor awareness of the subject and to provide an independent view of valuation and relative valuation of peer companies.

Any price target, opinion, earnings estimate or other forward looking financial information in the report is the work of the above mentioned Authors.

Despite the relevant qualifications and integrity of the authors outlined above, the reports and analysis of the publicly available information should not be relied upon by investors, who should take their own council and not make any investment decision based solely on this commissioned report.