Umine Investment

Prominence's Investment in Umine LLP: A Strategic Move Towards Innovation and Sustainability


Prominence has acquired a 20% interest in Umine LLP, signaling a strategic venture into Kazakhstan's uranium recovery and site rehabilitation. This project illustrates our commitment to innovative energy solutions and sustainable business practices.

Project Highlights

Umine's initiative to remediate and extract valuable uranium from the Djideli site represents a pioneering approach within Kazakhstan. This venture aligns with global energy trends and showcases our ability to engage in projects that have both commercial potential and a positive environmental footprint.

Strategic Significance

Our stake in Umine enhances our portfolio by integrating a project that aligns with the evolving energy landscape. It offers a potential pathway to revenue streams, drawing on the growing demand for uranium as a clean energy source.

Balancing Benefits

While the project carries implications for environmental restoration and community support, its core aligns with Prominence's strategic objectives. The focus is on leveraging Umine's innovative approach to create long-term value, with environmental restoration being a beneficial byproduct of our pursuit of sustainable energy resources.

Next Steps and Timeline

  • Local Support and Permitting: Umine has already secured a letter of support from local authorities and is in the process of applying for the necessary permits from the Kazakh Ministry of Industry.
  • Detailed Planning and Approval: A detailed engineering plan will be submitted to support the permit application, followed by a statutory approval process.
  • Resource Reporting and Construction: Upon permit approval, resource sampling will commence, leading to the construction of the processing facilities.

Looking Forward

Our engagement with the Umine project underlines a balanced approach to growth, innovation, and sustainability. It aligns with our strategy of investing in projects that promise to deliver commercial success.

Umine Investment
Figure 1 – Google Earth image of Djideli site showing the material on site to be remediated